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14 April 2021 (00:13)
Tomorrow(2021-04-13) 21:00 we donate 1 year Discord Nitro worth 100$. more info on our Discord channel. Edit: Congratulations to player 'Night'.
14 April 2021 (00:12)
We apologize for downtime, therefor we host an Event. x7 regeneration rate and +100% loot rate until tomorrow 21:00 CEST.
10 April 2021 (15:59)
Lets Feast season VII is now online! Happy hunting, GM Sajgon
31 March 2021 (15:00)
Vote for bonus of first weekly bonus of Season 6 => https://www.strawpoll.me/42881086
31 March 2021 (14:49)
Character creation for Feast Season VII is open!
20 March 2021 (19:38)
Next season(VII) will start 10th April.
20 March 2021 (17:59)
THANK YOU ALL FOR SEASON VI. Today we're closing the 1 month season, it was a success in the way we had a lot of fun and focus on this version was stability and limit boring chores. We will post full S6 changelog soon on Tournaments page.
27 February 2021 (16:07)
Hi everyone! Today at 15:00 CEST - 7 days of S6 Odin's Path passed. History points has been released and added to your account to be used in the game store. In another 7 days Daily points will be released. Happy hunting and thank you for playing.
23 February 2021 (22:21)
Added new wiki page about season token https://midhem.com/seasontoken.php
21 February 2021 (12:16)
What a great start! Thank you all for playing Midhem Online. We disabled spears breakchance for now allowing you to skilling and hunting more easy. Enjoy.
20 February 2021 (12:45)
New store shop offer! Purchase 1000 points & 1 season token for $100 worth of any Crypto currency. Thank you for supporting Midhem Online!
16 February 2021 (22:05)
Character registration for Season IV - Odin's Path is now open.
30 January 2021 (21:22)
Vote on poll for next season(6) settings. https://www.strawpoll.me/42547871
30 January 2021 (21:21)
As you can see the website got a new look. You might have to clean your cache to see its new result. Enjoy!
26 January 2021 (10:50)
Expected downtime January 28th around 15:00 CET to upgrade system hardware. Expected downtime is about 15 minutes.
21 December 2020 (11:14)
Today at serversave double skill and magic level weekend has ended. Thank you all for playing Midhem Online.
19 December 2020 (19:21)
New; Added Bog Raiders spawn and minor quest to Cormaya. View the Wiki for more information.
19 December 2020 (19:20)
We added a new win condition; Top 1st & 2nd player wins Discord Nitro 1 year code (worth $99.99 each). View Tournaments History for more information.
18 December 2020 (18:58)
Today we released the Midhem Points from Harvest Season IV (250€ worth of points splitted to the top 20 players). You can claim them under "My Account". You should also have an unique outfit "Harvest outfit".
18 December 2020 (09:06)
[World event] As a compenstion for the other days issue with downtime Midhem World Event 2x Skill/Magic Level has begun today at serversave and will continue during the weekend until Monday.
16 December 2020 (18:02)
We are sorry for last night's issue. Because of this, we will be hosting a x2 skill/magic level rate over the whole weekend! Thank you for your understanding. We will continue to strive for excellence!
16 December 2020 (11:12)
Unfortunately, there was a crash and rollback for some players last night. We are currently investigating the issue and have implemented an anti-rollback system. We are doing our best so that this will not happen again!
13 December 2020 (20:47)
Clarification; on this season party XP share is really good because there is no split on the monster base XP below level 150.
12 December 2020 (01:06)
Server start issues has been solved and we activated 3 days free premium for everyone (today only). We are deeply sorry how it effected you, but hopefully you will have patience.
11 December 2020 (21:02)
Unfortunately, there was a crash and we will close server until we found the issue. Keep an eye here.
11 December 2020 (14:30)
Ragnarök Season V goes online today 18:00! Invite your friends and be there to gather fame and glory for the next 8 weeks the season will be online.
28 November 2020 (16:32)
Server will go offline next thursday decemeber 3rd for the new season process. Thank you everyone for playing and see you next. Players season rewards will be added before start at 11th December
28 November 2020 (16:32)
Announcement: New season V starts December 11
01 October 2020 (12:19)
Technical issues: currently there are problems with the login process. Server will be online shortly again.
25 August 2020 (22:49)
All characters of S3 has been archived and points worth 268€ has been distributed to top levels. Along with an unique outfit, congrats!
24 August 2020 (19:19)
'Harvest' season begins on saturday 2020-08-29. We would like to invite you to the greatest era by far.
09 July 2020 (22:46)
Couple of hours downtime today because of host IP adress was suddenly changed.
10 June 2020 (13:39)
Bot was implemented a while ago. While cavebotting you will have reduced Skill and Loot rate. I encourage you to play manually and but the option to use it is available.
23 April 2020 (13:12)
A new season starts saturday 2020-05-02, a countdown will be added this weekend.
23 April 2020 (09:52)
Important announcement! This season has come to an end, all playerprogresses will be resetted. Highlevels will be compensated with points. The server will go offline during the weekend and new player creation will be available shortly after.
30 March 2020 (19:02)
The server engine has been upgraded and will give us further developing possibilities. But, server can be under maintance and offline for some time. Hold with us and be informed on discord.
03 March 2020 (22:52)
You can now recover your accounts password automatically using your email and any character name of the account. https://midhem.com/recovery.php?mode=password
06 February 2020 (08:53)
You can now purchase Change Name/Gender tickets here: https://midhem.com/shop.php
31 January 2020 (20:05)
Server will be online 2020-01-31 20:00 CEST, ie in ONE hour from now. Sign up if you haven't already.
21 January 2020 (14:02)
We have moved past news to midhem.com/season1.php and updated the first post.

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