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Tindra is the town part of the Svargrond Island. The island has a great variation of creatures, and hidden quests, for all levels.

You can visit Tindra by any carpet NPC or by Nielson boat service, located north-west of Carlin.

  1. Captain John, carpet and dwarf mines below the city close to the marker
  2. Dragons, Frost Dragons, Serpent Spawns ..
  3. All kind of Minotaurs
  4. Giant Spiders, Behemoths, 2x Black Knight spawn, Necromancers -1 ..
  5. Stone Golems, Beholders, PoI Quest ..
  6. Visit Mysteryisland by travelling with Captain John for 300 gold. Here lives many hairy creatures called sasquatches.
  7. Void Island (Accessible throught East Town Tower), Jötunn boss spawns here.
  8. Trolls, Goblins, ..

  1. Travel here by Captain John from Tindra shipping
  2. Vengoth castle (Entrance 100 Wyvern kills). You find quests, hero spawn, hardcore grim reapers spawn and more..
  3. Wyverns spawn [35+ recommended]. You can find a larger Wyverns spawn on Cormaya.
  4. Bog Raiders spawn [40+ recommended]. You can find a larger Bog Raiders spawn on Cormaya.
  5. Tarantulas spawn [25+ recommended].
  • Global XP Boost: False
  • Global Loot Boost: False
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