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  • Creature of the day: Demon
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09 August 2021 Part Tournament - First Level 100 Hardore Player Wins. Goal 1st Lvl 100 HC: $100 worth of bitcoins. Goal 2nd Lvl 100 HC: 1 season token. Goal 3rd Lvl 100 HC: 400 points. HC = Hardcore Player.
09 August 2021 Unfortnately, yesterday there was a db missconf and few players lost their progress. I have a list of those players but you must contact GM Sajgon to receive points for your loss. Thank you for your patience with Midhem Online.
06 August 2021 Tournament season 8 is officially open!
02 August 2021 Character Creation Now Open! Add Friday 18:00 CEST to your calendar. See you there.
28 July 2021 Season VII [FEAST] is ending on Sunday 1st August. Please enter our discord for more details for next season.
midhem online
  • Highest Hardcore Player: 100 - First Level 100 Prize $100 worth of bitcoins


Midhem Online is one of the most challenging massively multiplayer online role-playing game(MMORPG) online. You have to face constant treaths like nasty monsters, raids, PvP, traps along with other dangers. The game is 100% Free To Play with all content unlocked. However there are some items available for purchase in the depot in-game store. We apprechiate all donations for the game development so we created a Patreon on top of Midhem Points, but most important is for players to enjoy the game.

You can progress your character in many ways - exerience points, skilling, magic level training, tasks, outfits, social status, economy and more. You choose how to play on this open world.

The game is based on forgottenserver 8.0 but heavily modified. The universe is taking place during viking age era with firebreathing dragons.

You can find more info on Wiki.


Season VIII configuration

Season duration

Starts: 2021-08-05 (Friday 18:00)

Ends: After 3 months and insufficient players (meaning the world can continue to stay online after 3 months if there are activity)


Open-PvP (Unjust system)

Liberty Bay is No-PvP(no magic level gain from conjuring ammunition or runes). You cannot kill other players here.

Warmode is PvP-enforced

Start level 8
Free spells Yes
Promotion 20.000 gold
Premium required

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+100% XP UNTIL LEVEL 200



Rashid's: Carlin