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11 May 2021 Today 2021-05-11 released a large update. Unfortunately its a long changelog so for now it's only available on the discord. https://discord.gg/nCSUXuSHSC
28 April 2021 Congratulations to Titan for first player and knight to reach level 200. As a reward for great dedication and patience you will be rewarded with blessed shield, amulet of luck and 1 store outfit. All other vocations first to 200 will have amulet of luck.
27 April 2021 Server saves has been moved to 10:00 CEST, from 08:00.
25 April 2021 There was a house reset last serversave and few of you lost a day working on your house unfortunately. Very sorry and please read more about the compensation on the previous post.
25 April 2021 You can winn $100 worth of bitcoins tonight at 00:00 CEST if you're on top 1-20 Powergamers tonight.


Midhem Online is one of the most challenging massively multiplayer online role-playing game(MMORPG) online. You have to face constant treaths like nasty monsters, raids, PvP, traps along with other dangers. The game is 100% Free To Play with all content unlocked. However there are some items available for purchase in the depot in-game store. We apprechiate all donations for the game development so we created a Patreon on top of Midhem Points, but most important is for players to enjoy the game.

You can progress your character in many ways - exerience points, skilling, magic level training, tasks, outfits, social status, economy and more. You choose how to play on this open world.

The game is based on forgottenserver 8.0 but heavily modified. The universe is taking place during viking age era with firebreathing dragons.

You can find more info on Wiki.


Season 7 Server Settings

Season duration

Starts: 2021-04-10

Ends: Read here


Open-PvP (Unjust system)

Liberty Bay is No-PvP(25% reduced experience and no magic level gain from conjuring ammunition or runes). You cannot kill players here, but spawns are limited.

Warmode is PvP-enforced

Start level 8
Free spells Yes
Promotion 20.000 gold
Premium required

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+7 days Premium Time

Rashid's: Edron