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27 February 2021 Hi everyone! Today at 15:00 CEST - 7 days of S6 Odin's Path passed. History points has been released and added to your account to be used in the game store. In another 7 days Daily points will be released. Happy hunting and thank you for playing.
23 February 2021 Added new wiki page about season token
21 February 2021 What a great start! Thank you all for playing Midhem Online. We disabled spears breakchance for now allowing you to skilling and hunting more easy. Enjoy.
20 February 2021 New store shop offer! Purchase 1000 points & 1 season token for $100 worth of any Crypto currency. Thank you for supporting Midhem Online!
16 February 2021 Character registration for Season IV - Odin's Path is now open.

Midhem Online

Hello, warrior! Do you like challenging yourself, but in your on phase then very welcome to the medieval Midhem universe, the new MMORPG with real money prizes.

It's a customized 8.0 OpenTibia server. With new and visually satisfying content on an open-PvP world inspired by the Viking Age. You can find information about newly discovered areas sich as Liberty Bay("No-PvP") and Svargrond on Wiki.


Server Settings
Season duration 4 weeks
START: 2021-02-20
END: 2021-03-20
PvP Open-PvP (Unjust system)
Liberty Bay is No-PvP(reduced XP and magic level rate)
Warmode is PvP-enforced
Start level 8
Free spells Yes
Promotion 20.000 gold
Premium required

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Rashid's: Liberty Bay