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Exp rate Skills rate Magic rate Spawn rate Loot rate
5x* 10x 4x 2x 2x*

Additional experience bonuses

Calculation: experience * (stage + bonus)

Additional loot bonuses

Death experience penalty

Base: 8% death loss of your total XP and skills.

Reducer Reduction Total loss
Promotion 1% 7%
Bless 1 1% 6%
Bless 2 1% 5%
Bless 3 1% 4%
Bless 4 1% 3%
Bless 5 1% 2%
  • You buy blessings from the regular five NPCs(links in the table above) or by any temple NPC if you have premium status.
  • Protected by all 5 blessings will reduce the death item-droprate to 0% unless you have redskull.

PvP information

World type

Open PvP with skull system

  • White skull (Received by attacking a player without a skull)
  • Red skull (Received by too many unjustified kills. You loose all items when dying)
  • Yellow skull (Received by attacking a skulled player that did not attack you first. You do not get an unjustified kill for killing yellow skulled players)
Hotkey aimbot Activated (30% reduced damage using hotkey with 'Sudden Death rune' or 'Sudden Pox rune' - battle window is not affected by this because you cannot shoot singletarget runes on players there.
Unjustified kills to red skull 1 day: 3 kills
1 week: 7 kills
1 month: 14 kills
Unjustified kills to ban (2 days ban) 6 during 1 day
14 during 1 week
White skull on kill duration 15 MINUTES
Experience by killing players No
Protection zone lock (non lethal attack) 1 MINUTE
Friendly fire Enabled

Non-PvP information

Areas such as Liberty Bay and its parts (except Goroma) is Non-PvP meaning you cannot attack or kill players there. When you see this icon in the inventory you know you are in a protected area. That being said, there are some downsides as defined below.

Experience reduction 25%
Mana spent reduction for conjure spells 100%

Miscellaneous information

AFK kickout 15 MINUTES
Serversave 08:00 CEST
Multiple characters online per account True
Allowed MCs per PC Max 3
NPC purchaseable runes Enabled (Expensive)
Stair jump exhaust 0ms
Market Free for all
Party information
Unjust on kill of member False
Party Experience bonus
  • +10% just in a party
  • +10% for each unique vocation
Party XP share level range calculator.

You level:

Minimum level: 33

Connection information
  • Global XP Boost: False
  • Global Loot Boost: False
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