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Name: Guild: Level: Vocation:
Sir Derby 34 Druid
Druido 56 Elder Druid
Gabbe 20 Master Sorcerer
Super Ed 90 Elder Druid
Uhmaiker 20 Elder Druid
Beansy Big Birds 308 Elite Knight
Magician Kings Landing 20 Master Sorcerer
Kekbab More Experience 262 Elite Knight
Runemaker More Experience 75 Elder Druid
Dessity Kings Landing 182 Elite Knight
Sniper More Experience 264 Royal Paladin
Hardcore RvR II 133 Royal Paladin
Lagesd More Experience 20 Master Sorcerer
Pointsplz 8 Sorcerer
Gabriel 20 Elder Druid
Stylebender 170 Elite Knight
Pappa More Experience 170 Elite Knight
Opportunity Kings Landing 20 Elder Druid
Ketzef Big Birds 60 Royal Paladin
Ketzorc 15 Sorcerer
Bluee 44 Master Sorcerer
Bananas In Pajamas Big Birds 83 Master Sorcerer
Sirfluffy Theknight Big Birds 71 Elite Knight
Ron The Gladiator 8 Paladin
Imirion Whios 51 Sorcerer
Buffalo Trace Op 130 Royal Paladin
Death Trance Op 151 Elite Knight
Maikkao Guaienzada XD 232 Elite Knight
Machine Uh 27 Druid
Legendary Etnia Op 109 Elite Knight
Bankai Kings Landing 185 Elite Knight
Megamind 25 Master Sorcerer
Donkey Far Far Away 149 Master Sorcerer
Dracarys 15 Sorcerer
Sdss 18 Sorcerer
Shrek Far Far Away 74 Elite Knight
Vera Vandal 82 Royal Paladin
Mamma More Experience 209 Master Sorcerer
Big Bird Big Birds 282 Elite Knight
Medoza Kings Landing 20 Elder Druid
Lianp 23 Paladin
Ancient Scarab

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