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Who is online?

Online Record:
138 players
World open:
May 24th, 2024
Name: Guild: Level: Vocation:
Deluxe slampan Midhem Society 268 Royal Paladin
Burpie Midhem Society 120 Royal Paladin
Leczenie Starego 12 Druid
Duprasz 15 Sorcerer
Holy Aura Midhem Society 13 Druid
Viktorus Pesadelo Team 175 Elite Knight
Holy Blade Midhem Society 143 Elite Knight
Maria Eugenia Pesadelo Team 149 Elite Knight
Demzy Midhem Society 321 Elite Knight
Kulas Futas 32 Knight
Jimi Sorcerer Pesadelo Team 176 Master Sorcerer
Anto Bans 8 Paladin
Glader Midhem Society 146 Elder Druid
Blackzao Pesadelo Team 84 Master Sorcerer
Melbi Lauzao Pesadelo Team 262 Royal Paladin
Onenino Nino Pesadelo Team 74 Elder Druid
Tanke 62 Elite Knight
Terra 21 Druid
Potter Midhem Society 20 Elder Druid
Myst Maker Ii Thief Guild 20 Sorcerer
Some Body Midhem Society 190 Master Sorcerer
Hermione 8 Druid
Myst Maker Thief Guild 20 Master Sorcerer
Bone Midhem Society 115 Royal Paladin
Stanicky Midhem Society 143 Royal Paladin
Tempo Midhem Society 280 Master Sorcerer
Me Kill Pesadelo Team 328 Royal Paladin
Delita 108 Elite Knight
Smiling 8 Sorcerer
Iona 72 Royal Paladin
Midhem Warrior 36 Master Sorcerer
Midhem Solider 73 Royal Paladin
Pitu Do 53 Knight
Harry Midhem Society 203 Elite Knight
Polini Midhem Society 120 Royal Paladin
Skinkevert Midhem Society 193 Royal Paladin
Nego Drama Pesadelo Team 8 Druid
Runkbulle 34 Master Sorcerer
Maciej 49 Royal Paladin
Tuht Airo Midhem Society 157 Royal Paladin
Zlodziej Ed 48 Elder Druid
Troll Shaman

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