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Wiki / Liberty Bay

Liberty Bay is the remote caribbean islands and city of Midhem.

Whats unique about this place is that its No-PvP meaning you cannot kill other players in this area with the exception for Goroma. You can walkthrough players by double clicking. You gain no magic level tries while conjuring runes or ammo inside No-PvP zones.

  1. Liberty Bay Town (at this location you find Crafting)
  2. Farming Tools Merchant NPC (purchase tools to manage farming)
  3. Around this Island you find many holes to enter Rotworms cave. Make sure to bring a shovel and a rope.
  4. Boat to Goroma (Free but requires 100+ rotworms task kills)
  5. Wyrms Mountain (Also contains Behemoths, Dragon Lords etc)
  6. Boat to Angry Apes Island(7) (Free but requires 100+ Orcs task kills)
  7. Angry Apes Island (Sibang, Kongra and Merlkins)
  8. Pirate Bay Island (Pirates of the caribbean quest located here)

The red locations on the map are part of the Canoe system. You can travel by canoe to any of these places for a cost of Mana.

  1. Liberty Bay Harbour
  2. Liberty Bay Mountains North
  3. Liberty Bay Mountains South
  4. Pirate Bay North
  5. Pirate Bay South
  6. Tortoise Island North
  7. Tortoise Island West

Goroma Islands

  1. Boat arrival to Goroma - Take north ship from Liberty bay(4 first picture). Free to travel but requires 100+ rotworms task kills.
  2. Entrance to all islands
  3. Sandy Island (Mainfloor: hyenas, slimes, ghouls, scorpions, -1 larvas, scarabs, stalkers, vampires and necromancers)
  4. Bonebeast Island (demon skeletons, bonebeasts, crypt shamblers, scorpions, ghosts, giant spiders)
  5. Ents Island (hydras, ents)
  6. Ferumbras Tower (demons, serpent spawns, warlocks)
  7. Boat to Isle of Demons. Free but requires 300 Apes task (Giant spiders on main floor, Liche Hell -1, cave with demons and hellhounds, Catacombs)
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