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Blood Herb Quest

  • Required level: 50+
  • Reward: Blood Herb
  • Monsters: Dragons, Dragon Lords and more..
  1. Walk from Darashia
  2. Walk north to the sea
  3. Enter the mountain and fight your way through the cave

Blue Legs Quest

  • Required level: 45+
  • Reward: Blue legs, Ring of healing
  • Monsters: Dragons, Troll Archers, Troll Berserkers, Troll Shaman and more..
  1. Walk from Thais
  2. Enter Amazon and Valkyrie's territory
  3. Pass the mountain and fight your way through the cave

PoI Quest

  • Required level: 80+
  • Reward: Warlord Sword / Arbalest + Soft Boots
  • Monsters: Ancient Scarbs, Dragons, Behemoths, Demons, Hellfire Fighters and more..
  • Location: Tindra

Desert Quest

  • Required level: 20+
  • 10k + Ring of Healing, etc
  • Location: PoH
  • Soloable: True (no item required)

Poll: Desert Quest (How should it work) ->

Banshee Quest

Frost Dragon
  • Global XP Boost: False
  • Global Loot Boost: False
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