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Wiki / Farming


1). To begin farming you need to own a farm, visit farms page on how to purchase a farm. You can owe a house and a farm at the same time but only one of each.

2). Visit NPC Farm Tool Merchant to buy the tools you require to farm.

  • Bucket, 100gps
  • Scythe, 50gps
  • Farm Water Cask, 5.000gps (optional)

3). Find a water source to fill your bucket or any other fluid container such as the Farm Water Cask. Simply click the bucket and then use it on the water source.

How to fetch water?

Use a bucket or another fluid container on the water source

  • Purchase a 'Farm Water Cask'
  • Public large water cask
  • Water (use container on water)

How to grow

1). Put one seed on any of the farm dirt tile.

2). Put water on the seed and it will transform to a plant and begin the growing process.

3). You can look at the plant to see the duration left until complete.

4). When the plant is done it will be glowing. Use the scythe to harvest it and the process is done.

Seeds Time to grow Reward
Cannabis seed 24 hours 1x weed
Blueberry seed 6 hours 5x blueberries
Pumpkin seed 12 hours 1x pumpkin


  • To destroy your Farm Water Cask use a machete on it.
  • Water pool has 3 stages and each decays after two hours, totally 6 hours.
  • Plants only grow when there is water on the plant
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