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Daily Rashid Mission

Your task does not end until you finish the task or end it manually.

You can begin a new task every 22 hours.

Level range Task Reward
Level 20-35 explore Become a citizen of Ab'Dendriel 40 UH runes
Level 20-50 buff_exp Gain 5 levels 40% level experience
Level 50-100 buff_exp Gain 3 levels 25% level experience
Level 100-200 buff_exp Gain 2 levels 20% level experience
Level 20-50 Mine 1 rock 2x Weeds
Level 50-100 Mine 2 rocks 3x Weeds
Level 100+ Mine 3 rocks 4x Weeds
Level 20+ fish stack Catch 25 fishes 1 blessing stone
Level 20-35 explore Pass the bridge entrance to Orc Fortress 40 UH runes
Level 35-50 explore Pass the lower mazes of Edron Cyclopolis 100 mana fluids

Daily reward system

You can find the blue statue in every city depot.

You need premium account status to use it.

You can claim a new reward every 22 hours.


You can repeat a seal every 22 hours.

Ancient Scarab

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