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In-game commands Description
!serverinfo View the characters current state of Exp, Skill, Magic and Loot-rate.
!autoloot Money looted goes directly to your bank account
!buyhouse Stand infront of a door to purchase a house. Look at the door for price.
!leavehouse Leave your current house. You can only owe one house.
!blessings View how many blessings you got. Blessings costs 10k each, there are total of five. When you have all blessings you don't drop items unless you have red skull.
!uptime See how long time ago since the server was restarted and saved.
!warmode start As a guild leader, enable warmode for the guild after next serversave
!warmode end As a guild leader, disable warmode for the guild after next serversave
  • Global XP Boost: False
  • Global Loot Boost: False
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