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Wiki / Edron

You could say Edron is the capital city of Midhem. This place is full of wealthy and high leveled people with luxury houses and many quests.

  1. Townhall and city centre
  2. Skeleton and Ghoul spawn. You can find Bright Sword quest here(Level 40+).
  3. Dragon and Dragon Lord's spawn. You can find Fire Axe quest here(Level 60+).
  4. Spirit Caves. You can find Warlock Room Quest(70+), Demon Helmet Quest(100+), Annihilator (4x 100+) and many more quest and spawns here.
  5. Cyclopolis. Here is a great hunting place from level 20. You can find Behemoth Quest here (80+).
  6. Skeleton, Ghoul and Demon Skeleton's spawn. You can find Double Axe Quest here.
  7. Eremo Island. Travel to Eremos Island from Cormaya Ship. Blessing can be bought by Eremo. Ask Eremo about Warlock to enter spawn (You need all blessings to enter).
  8. West Area is a great hunting spot for low levels. You can find Goblins, Trolls and Orcs here.
  9. Cormaya Island. Travel here from Edron or Eremo ship. You can find few houses, spawns and underground shipping system to Kazordoon.
  10. Cormaya Wyvern's spawn. By killing a Wyvern you gain 515 base experience, they have 800 health. Level 35+ recommended.
  11. Rotworms cave, deeper in the cave you will find Bog Raiders spawn

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