Wiki / Hunger System

The hunger system was fully reworked(updated: 2020-04-13) to be more useful and have more depth.

Spell exevo pan (available for all vocations) conjures magic beans for 30 mana. Magic beans has litle weight and will satisfy your hunger about same as a ham. You have higher chance conjuring more beans with higher magic level.
You do not get hungrier inside protection zone
Prolonged hunger from 20 minutes to 30 minutes until you are full.
Food sold to NPC gives double gold
Food purchased in shop is 5 times more expensive
Movementspeed is reduced by 25% when you are starving


(While you are starving the regeneration is disabled)
Vocation Health Mana
Sorcerer/Druid 5 / 6s 5 / 3s
Paladin 5 / 4s 5 / 4s
Knight 5 / 3s 5 / 6s
Master/Elder 10 / 4s 10 / 2s
Royal Paladin 10 / 3s 10 / 3s
Elite Knight 10 / 2s 10 / 4s
  • Global XP Boost: False
  • Global Loot Boost: False
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