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Wiki / Lore

The Lore system is based of your achievement points. You can read about how to gain achievement points here: achievement-details

Obtaining your first pick in Lore

To do so you need 50 Lore Points (50 Achievement Points). You can then decide if you want to follow one of thee paths. Supportive, Offensive or Defensive.

The first Stage costs 50 points - Second 75 points - Third 125 points - Fourth 150 points. A total of 400 Lore Points needed to finish one path. Each path has three stages, where you can pick one of two options. For example you can pick Elemental - Max Health, Life Leech and Survival, making the other option in that particular stage unable to be picked. You an however reset your picks by using a Reset Lore Stone - This will nullify your picks and allow you to pick again.

You can eventually finish all three Paths of the Lore system by gaining a total of 1200 Lore Points.

Once you have chosen Stage 1 of one of the paths, you cannot pick Stage 2 of a different path. You must ALWAYS own the previous stage of the path you're picking.

Example: You have Stage 1 in Offensive (4% critial bonus) - You cannot pick stage 2 in Supportive (Max Health +8%)

Use command CTRL U to open the window in-game.

You receive reset lore stones from crafting or the in-game store


5% Elemental Resistance

116 players

Max Health

+8% Max Health

51 players

Max Mana

+8% Max Mana

11 players

Life Leech

+4% Life Leech

10 players

Mana Leech

+4% Mana Leech

14 players


50% Chance To Revive On Death

3 players


+10% Physical Protection

7 players

Critical Bonus 4

+4% Critical Bonus

230 players

Military Strategy

+6% PvP Damage

44 players


+40 Speed

67 players


+20% Weapon Damage

39 players

Magical Damage

+8% Rune / +8% Spell Damage

24 players

Critical Bonus 8

+8% Critical Bonus

29 players

Hunting Prey

Half Price For Preys

1 players

Monster Luck

+40% Loot Bonus

167 players

Defensive Strategy

Defensive Strategy

13 players


+500 Capacity

55 players

Magical Healing

+12% Rune/Spell Healing

6 players

Potion Mastery

30% Potions Buff

31 players


50% Increased Regeneration

1 players

Party XP

+20% Party Experience Bonus

0 players

Hellfire Figther

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