This season was active between May 2, 2020 and August 24th, 2020.

There was 954 characters created during this time.

Top 20 Levels rewards

  • Rewarded with 1 point per level, but rounded up to 10th value, so for example if you are level 93, you will have 100 points, level 101 = 110 points etc
  • Norse God Outfit [+1% Max HP, +1% Max Mana]


Server + client + website update 2020-08-19
  • Bosses has now a red outline
  • Ankrahmun Blue and Green djinns are now accessible to hunt without any requirements
  • Carrion Worms are now part of Rotworms task, they will be huntable when LB opens
  • Added trainers, 100 rooms - you find the shortcut from every depot to there and back you will be teleported to your hometowns temple.
  • Training Dummy hits for 1 HP each turn to shieldbreak you no matter what equipment you're using. They have 0 armor and 0 defence.
  • You can now view your current DPS and record DPS while hitting the training dummy
  • You will stop gaining skill tries when you are starving (ie hunger being 00:00)
  • Added and replaced many nature enviroment sprites
  • Serpent Spawns has a new look and new corpses
  • All gems, talon and pearl sprites has been updated
  • All key sprites has been updated
  • All food sprites has now been completely updated
  • Placeholder sprite of Ring of the sky has been replaced
  • ... with this tousands new sprites has been replaced and updated on the map
  • BOT: Targeting and looting has been removed
  • BOT: Cavebot has been removed
  • BOT: Ingame macro editor has been removed
  • BOT: All active bot disadvantages has been removed (that was when cavebot was enabled, 50% loot and skilling reduction)
  • BOT: Now there is only a 'HP' and 'Tools' tab mainly to conjure runes, skill train and simple tasks.
  • New item: Green glow ring (When equipped a green light will expand from your finger) - Ferumbras tower quest
  • New item: Sapphire Amulet (Earth protection +5%) - Ferumbras tower quest
  • Arrow/Burst Arrow/Poison Arrow has new missile sprites
  • New tarantula looktype and corpse sprite
  • NPCs now has a red stroke around them when they are busy speaking to a player
  • New task: Fire Entities (fire elemental, fire devil)
  • New task: Stone Golem
  • New task: Serpents (serpent spawns)
  • bonebeast has been moved from Tombs task to Skeletons task
  • New summons: Pirate Buccaneer, 595 mana, Pirate Corsair, 775 mana, Pirate Cutthroat, 495 mana, Pirate Marauder, 490 mana
  • Minimap: Added icon to add town map flags for NPCs. This is the first stage done for all cities but later we might consider adding spawn infos aswell, ideás are apprechiated.
  • Exori dist vis/mort/flam needs a target to shoot, it will not shoot infront of you if you don't have a selected target anymore
  • Light Magic Missile and Heavy Magic Missile rune usage cooldown was lowered from 2s to 1s
  • New explosion missile sprite effect
  • Bot: Added bot HP check in targeting before attacking a creature, to reduce it to spam spells when you are close to dying.
  • Website: Added house commands to houses page
  • Website: Added redskull after name in charactersprofile
  • Website: Added new distance spells exori dist vis/mort/flam to wiki
  • Disabled CTRL+R command. Please report bugs on #bugs-and-support or om website Helpdesk
  • Fixed few bugs with Bright Sword quest and added few explaining signs because the quest in general is very confusing and requires a wiki tutorial
Server + client update 2020-06-15
  • You will no longer drop your weapon if its located in your left or right arm slot. I think this is very important as if you loose your weapon you will be unable to recover your inventory loss and also unable to hunt if you do not succeed get it back. Also less benefits for playerkillers.
  • Added 2 more postman mailboxes to Demona and PoH temple
  • Fixed a bug during login the message of redskull length was not showing days duration
  • Unjustified kills window now tells you the redskull length on recievement. Remember when you make another unjustified kill as a redkull the redskull time is refreshed for 3 days
  • New spells for druids and sorcerers: exori dist vis/flam/mort - distance target attack spells outputting less damage compared to the normal strike spells which remains.
  • New outfit 'Plunderer' for premium accounts.
  • Client:
  • New NPC talk color
  • Working floor fading
  • Zoom in+out with CTRL and "-" or "+"
  • New sprites for GREEN, RED, YELLOW, PURPLE, BLUE and WHITE sound effect. This was the last step for 100% custom animation sprites.
  • Fixed a visual bug for Wizard outfit
  • Action bar accepts only pickupable items form now
Server + client update 2020-06-08
  • Party XP share is now ALWAYS active and you can't disable it
  • Burst arrows does now Fire damage instead of Physical damage
  • Doubled the lootchance of club ring of cyclops (now 0.2% 1x base lootrate)
  • Many monsters now drops item "spear"
  • Improved bot, replaced word input with new auto "utani hur" and "utani gran hur" buttons
  • New sprite for ruby neclace
  • When you buy a house for more than 100.000 gold you will receive a decorative amulet
  • Fixed a bug with Tindra PoI levers
  • Reworked exercise weapons
  • * New missile effect for exercise wand
  • * Mana spent animation for exercise wand on hit
  • * No more attack/defence on exercise weapons
  • * All of the 3 weapons now deal between 1-3 damage always
Server + client update 2020-05-30
  • Now when casting spells it checks if you have enough mana to be able to cast it (For most places, not all yet)
  • When cavebot is enabled you have 1x base loot (instead of 2x).
  • When cavebot is enabled skillrate is reduced to 6x (instead of 12x).
  • New task reward for 1000+ kill for few tasks(will add this to website soon)
  • * Behemoth task +1000 kills double loot of assassin star
  • * Demon task +1000 kills opens the possibility to loot "Demon boots".
  • * Ents task +1000 kills opens the possibility to loot "Dragon scale helmet ".
  • New: Powergamers, link:
  • Updated and added lots of information to serverinfo page -> For example a Party XP share level range calculator.
Server update 2020-05-28
  • Updated map (lots of fixes, prepared new spawns for next weeks update, pz bug eremo fixed)
  • Spear from 3% to 2% breakchance.
  • Throwing star from 10% to 8% breakchance.
  • Few item prices were adjusted at NPCs to avoid having different prices at different locations.
  • Improved sourcecode - now as much as 20% faster performance in some parts.
  • Tindra is now the city and Svargrond is the name of the island, just to be clear.
  • Added a friendly reminder to vote for tomorrows creaute of the day ingame broadcaster.
  • From now we're logging XP gains to have a "powergamers"-feature on the website
Server + client update 2020-05-15
  • Being in warmode gives +5% more experience
  • Nerfed magic beans
  • Fixed some NPCs looktypes
  • Ghouls are healing litlebit more now
  • Lamp's light time has been changed to last from 2 minutes to 30 minutes
  • Wizard outfit price nerfed from 75 to 50 points
  • Fixed many sprites
  • Added 3 new mailboxes for premium/postman quest (PoI, Goroma Hydras, Edron Demons)
  • New task Ents, 500 reward: Great shield
  • New task Banshees, 500 reward: Wizard outfit
  • Dwarves task 500 reward changed from Knight legs to Dwarven Axe
Server + Client update 2020-05-15
  • Implemented BOT to the client, this is very advanced and will help you heal, target, cavebot and more actions, hopefully this will attract more players online and catch up!
  • Moved minimap and spells icon to the left side of the client
  • FACCs now has 5% light for free, open the premium window to activate it
  • Enabled NPC trade tooltip
  • Updated invisible spell sprite animation
  • New demon shield sprite
  • Website: Added better information to commands, guilds, items and npc page
Server + Client update 2020-05-12
  • New warmode, use commands !warmode start / end as a guildleader, added more info on website
  • New base guild logo
  • We have made Plague of Pennisula Quest(PoI) longer with more depth
  • New client slot icons for hands
  • We had to recode PvP formulas alitle bit and with some breaking changes players with redskull will loose it, they will though not loose their frags.
  • On login if you have redskull now it will should you the remaining time, if you have redskull and kill another player this time will reset: 18:19 You will loose redskull in 2 days, 23 hours, 52 minutes and 28 seconds.
  • Added all blessing NPCs to wiki with words, price and location ->
Server update 2020-05-05
  • Added more cyclops to mount sternum caves(Thais)
  • Fix message of 500 task completion
  • Fixed bug with Wizard outfit for females
  • New sudden death rune sprite
  • Fix unjusts window after relog
  • Added missing support for HMM spell for Paladin in Spells window
  • Added hover description texts on attack/chase modes
Server + client update - 2020-05-04
  • Fixed an issue with blood on stairs
  • Ice Rapier stackable
  • Fixed Unjustified Kills window errors
  • Auto reconnects now every 10 seconds instead of 2.5
  • FACCs could wrongly open the Postman door
  • You can eat coconut again
  • Serversave set to 07:00 CEST
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