This season was active between August 29th, 2020 and December 5th, 2020.

There was 1041 characters created during this time.

Level rates

Minium level Maximun level Multiplier
1 29 10x
30 49 7x
50 69 5x
70 89 4x
90 99 3x
100 124 2x
125+ 1.5x

Top 20 Players by Levels rewards

  • Rewarded with 1 point per level, but rounded up to 10th value, so for example if you are level 93, you will have 100 points, level 101 = 110 points etc
  • Harvest Outfit [+1% Max HP, +1% Max Mana]

# Name Level Points distributed
1 Skrzat 220 220
2 Flam Ingo 170 170
3 Antares Starseker 139 140
4 Zuko 135 140
5 Lucifer Morningstar 129 130
6 Mursh 119 120
7 Nazzor 118 120
8 Nexera 112 120
9 Dipset 111 120
10 Robi Price 108 110
11 Vodka 108 110
12 Bydand 108 110
13 Zutterman 106 110
14 Benjoo 105 110
15 Crimzy 105 110
16 Yuki 103 110
17 Dardeken 103 110
18 Janusz Olx 103 110
19 Chase Dark 103 110
20 Prolific 101 110


Server + client update 2020-11-25
  • Added experience for mining -> You will now gain 50/75/100 experience per level depending on the rock.
  • Fixed a bug while creating a private channel
  • Crystal neclace now has 1% earth protection
  • Broadcast messages wont bother your on your screen anymore, only be a message in Default channel
  • Server Log button to enable/disable Event messages such as damage dealt/given and healings
  • You are now required to damage the creature to get the loot message while in party
  • Fixed bug where !autoloot command wouldn't work while in party
  • Fixed this visual bug: "Loot of a rotworm: nothing, 3 gold coins (added to bank balance)" where it said nothing but
  • This is a preview update for next season
  • global loot booster nerfed from 2 hours to 1 hour
  • PoI quest two handed weapon changed from magic longsword(55/40) to warlord sword(53/38 +2 melee fighting), arbalest(+2 distance fighting) and soft boots(additional regeneration and +1 magic level) will be one of the 3 rewards
Server update 2020-11-19
  • A new custom Edron with many new Quests, Spawns, Houses - we're testing it to make sure everything is OK now.
  • All players that had an house in previous Edron will have their items parcel'd to their global depots with a backpack of holding as a small compensation.
  • Improved Character List
  • Client will remember and reopon your backpack positions while logging on
  • Added female assassin outfit
  • Added female viking outfit
Server + client update 2020-11-09
  • Added Rashid daily locations to Quest Log
  • You need premium account to buy a farm
  • Updated client skills window
  • Added elemental protections to Skills window
  • removed !serverinfo command as most of that info is in the skill window now
Server + client + website update 2020-11-04
  • Added Hunting Prey (Icon top left in menu) Wiki:
  • Goblins drops small emeralds
  • Added amulet of loss to crafting
  • Added life ring to crafting
  • Added grasshopper legs to Rashid for 45k
  • Loot changed for Orshabaal, dropping demon set items and removed some items
  • Website: only fetch character tasks with 300 or more kills.
Server + client + website update 2020-10-21
  • Fixed the known bug with minimap, please report if this is not the case
  • Fixed bug using machete on Wild Growth wall
  • Fixed bug you will loose your active shader when premium time ended
  • Fixed 200+ of bugged spawns (monsters couldnt be spawned on certain areas or had wrong spawntimes)
  • Liberty Bay SQM price raised from 500GP -> 700GP per SQM
  • You can now see the duration until decay of torches and other light sources
  • Aldo(soft boots npc) takes money from bank aswell now
  • Haroun no longer buys/sells magic lightwands
  • You can no longer buy pearls and diamonds by NPCs, only sell.
  • You will loot emerald, sapphires, ametysts more often now
  • Added Non-PvP information to website serverinfo
  • Added 20+ new sprites and replaced many animations
  • Fixed animation issue with 'Skeleton'
  • mystic turban gives +1 magic level
  • All dragon scale items has now earth protection, dragon scale boots no longer have armor but more speed
  • !You are no longer gaining any manaSpent for runes within Non-PvP areas (Excluding spell 'exevo pan') - I know this should've come sooner but it took me some time to implement this feature, adding Non-PvP zone to LB had a high priority and balancing it was not prioritized enough then
  • Website: Added initial wiki for Liberty Bay
  • Website: You will only see tasks of 300+ kills on characterprofile
  • New! Farming
  • Farms can be found in Liberty Bay and costs 50k/SQM
  • Ents drops cannabis seeds
  • Item "Bucket" price raised from 4gps to 100gps from NPCs
  • New! Mining
  • There are more than 60 locations that can spawn a crystal rock.
  • New! Crafting, initially you can craft these items
  • Purple light wand, 1hour
  • Green light wand, 2hours
  • Red light wand, 6 hours
  • Blue light wand, 6 hours
Server + client update 2020-09-25
  • New: Fashion bonus
  • +1% Max HP/Mana per outfit you owe, does not include all outfits and there is a maximum of 7% because females has fewer outfits for now. See link above for more info. Most outfits are now obtainable by bosses. Read more:
  • New looktype for female "Demon outfit", yes, finally some deamonic boobs.
  • Fixed client header buttons to select/deslect on toggle so you easier know which windows are open.
  • Changed the order and position of many client header icons, now all modules are to the left and all windows to the right.
  • Removed creatures from Creature of the day: "Crocodile", "Assassin", "Monk", "Witch"
  • Added creatures from Creature of the day: "Tarantula", "Serpent Spawn"
  • Demodras spawn time reduced from approximately once every 2 weeks to 1 week
  • Demon set items changed from 2% fire protection to 3%
  • Removed level requirement from Arbalest.
  • Updated characters page with more information such as skills
Server + client update 2020-09-25
  • Rashid can no longer be on more than one place at once, every day after serversave he changes location, see on website NPC's wiki or the new widget to see where he is located
  • Darashia rune and bank NPC now has a stand
  • Demon helmet/armor/legs/boots/shield has now 2% fire protection each item
  • Two new spells
  • 1. adori gran vis (silar to GFB, conjured by sorcerers)
  • 2. adori gran terra (silar to GFB, conjured by druids)
  • (These runes can be purchased by NPCs for 120gps each)
  • (These runes can be sold and bought on the player-market)
  • New female outfit for 'Hunter'
  • Ents experience from 2800 XP to 3400
  • Frost Dragon has now a 2000+ kills drop decorative item
  • Displaying when 30% reduced damaged is affected by using SD on Hotkey.
  • You can now use shovel to remove pools of blood/poison etc
  • New water/blood/beer/slime/lemonade vial sprites and fixing a bug on look showing "..of unknown"
Server + Client update 2020-09-14
  • Whole Liberty Bay is now a No-PvP area (including: Pirates and Apes island) (excluding: Goroma)
  • You can walk through players in No-PvP and Protection zones by clicking with the mouse, it won't work with arrow keys for now.
  • Minus (-)25% experience gain from killed creatured within non-pvp zones
  • Minus (-)50% magic level skill tries on cast within non-pvp-zones (does not include trainers)
  • New icon for when you are hungry
  • New icon for when you are within non-PvP zone
  • A small white text will be displayed explaining the zone you are entering (PROTECTION, NONPVP or NORMAL)
  • New outfit for premium Players "Warchief".
  • New store outfits "Pirate" for female and males (this outfit can be received in-game for 100 hooks/eye patches/peg legs)
  • New monster sprites for "Sibang" and "Merlkin"
  • Soft boots HP/sec changed from 1hp/2sec to 3hp/1sec
  • Soft boots MP/sec changed from 2mp/1sec to 3mp/1sec
  • Purchasing from NPCs a spellbook(starting item) cost nerfed from 150gps to 20gps
  • As you can see in #bot-messages every day a players received 10 points to use during this season, only for players gaining more than 100.000 XP.
  • Better details in market(Example date/time and UI) and few new market items
  • Fixed a bug with depot tiles would disapear
  • Every time you login now, guild channel will be open
Server + client update 2020-09-06
  • Added assassin stars, magic longsword, 7 days premium, global xp/loot boosts to Market Offers
  • Bugfix: You can now purchase and sell market items in Trainers
  • Bugfix: In Global Depot sometimes putting stackable items there said you did not have enough capacity left
  • Fixed alot of missinformation in spells window
Server update 2020-09-02
  • 2500 global depot weight limit for premium account players, 500 for free accounts
  • As requested, we added dustbin in trainers
  • A fix for Norse God outfit, required prem even if the outfit was a reward from last season
  • Market
  • - You can now view market offers inside trainers
  • - You can now sell "Buy offers" items instantly
  • Website update 2020-09-04: Added which task monsters have bonus loot (2000+ kills)
Client update 2020-09-01
  • Market bug fix: You can now sell your goods for "Buy-offers" instantly
  • Ambient light will now be instantly active when logged in, before you had to open the "Premium window"
Server update 2020-08-29
  • New content unlocked! You travel to Liberty bay from Ankrahmun, Darashia, Venore, Erdon, Port Hope or Thais
  • You travel to Goroma now from Liberty Bay North ship [14:39 You need to kill 100 or more Rotworms to enter Goroma]
  • Two new task steps:
  • -For 20% more damage to tasks' monsters, 1500 creature kills are required.
  • -For rare bonus loot from tasks' monsters, 2000 creature kills are required.
  • -For item reward 600 kills are now required (changedfrom 500)
  • 5 new tasks: Cults, Pirates, Tarantulas, Tortoises Large, Tortoises Small
  • magma amulet nerfed from 8% to 5%, infinitive charges (reward from Fire Entities task)
  • Reduced weight of beginner spellbook to 8oz
  • New sprite: Small axe
  • Added 2 new spells: - Exori con (Paladins, 25 mana) - Exori hur (Eks, 40 mana)
  • Added required vocation to wands and rods
  • Added and improved Training Rooms from all Depots
  • - Added enter message
  • - Added depot inside, market, store and global depot (without local depot)
  • When you advance in Magic level you will see new learned spells
  • You can sell scarab coins to NPC Tesha in Ankrahmun for 100 gps each
  • Sam buys Iron Helmet for 145 gps
  • Rashid buys ancient amulet for 200 gps
  • Buying house can now take money from your bank account, too.
Website update 2020-08-28
  • Added instagram url to CONTACT sub menu
  • Moved vocation statistics to create character from "online list"
  • All runes are back to 100%, not 150% conjure count for healing and aggressive runes
  • Power bolts conjure count changed from 10x to 8x
  • Fixed errors on spells.php page
  • Fixed an errors with countdown
  • New; You will now be asked to subscribe for a newsletter and promotions when creating a new account, this is fully optional. A feature we will use in the future. You can subscribe/unsubscribe within "My account" or the link in emails.
All players will start with a spellbook
Server + client + website update 2020-08-19
  • Bosses has now a red outline
  • Ankrahmun Blue and Green djinns are now accessible to hunt without any requirements
  • Carrion Worms are now part of Rotworms task, they will be huntable when LB opens
  • Added trainers, 100 rooms - you find the shortcut from every depot to there and back you will be teleported to your hometowns temple.
  • Training Dummy hits for 1 HP each turn to shieldbreak you no matter what equipment you're using. They have 0 armor and 0 defence.
  • You can now view your current DPS and record DPS while hitting the training dummy
  • You will stop gaining skill tries when you are starving (ie hunger being 00:00)
  • Added and replaced many nature enviroment sprites
  • Serpent Spawns has a new look and new corpses
  • All gems, talon and pearl sprites has been updated
  • All key sprites has been updated
  • All food sprites has now been completely updated
  • Placeholder sprite of Ring of the sky has been replaced
  • ... with this tousands new sprites has been replaced and updated on the map
  • BOT: Targeting and looting has been removed
  • BOT: Cavebot has been removed
  • BOT: Ingame macro editor has been removed
  • BOT: All active bot disadvantages has been removed (that was when cavebot was enabled, 50% loot and skilling reduction)
  • BOT: Now there is only a 'HP' and 'Tools' tab mainly to conjure runes, skill train and simple tasks.
Ancient Scarab

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