• Status: ONLINE
  • Creature of the day: Warlock

Tournaments / SEASON 5 - RAGNARÖK

This season was active between December 11th, 2020 and February 11th, 2021.

There was 1130 characters created during this time.

Top 20 Players by Levels rewards

# Name Level Prize
1 Antares Starseeker 476 250€ Razer Gaming Gear, Discord Nitro 1 year code (worth $99.99), Season token
2 Dejfik 432 Discord Nitro 1 year code (worth $99.99 each
3 Sinistress 300 Season token
4 Skrzat 284 Season token
5 Szary Kot 264 Season token
6 Kaneston 228 Season token
7 Zealio 224 Season token
8 Vermona 213 Season token
9 Titan 208 Season token
10 Mortal 207 Season token
11 Snabeldrake 199 Season token
12 Flam Ingo 198 Season token
13 Prolific 186 Season token
14 Abmob 182 Season token
15 Mursh 178 Season token
16 Head Hnter 178 Season token
17 Dardeken 177 Season token
18 Legendary Janusz Olx 167 Season token
19 Nozima 163 Season token
20 Raz 158 Season token


Update 2020-12-10
  • Promoted vocations base attackspeed changed from 1800ms to 2000ms
  • PoI quest two handed weapon changed from magic longsword(55/40) to warlord sword(53/38 +2 melee fighting), arbalest(+2 distance fighting) and soft boots(additional regeneration and +1 magic level) will be one of the 3 rewards
  • Demon Armor now has 18 armor and 3% fire protection.
  • Dwarven Helmet now has 10 armor.
  • Farm SQM price nerfed from 50.000 gold to 5000 gold
  • Death Loss
  • Base death loss changed from 10% to 8%
  • Promotion deathloss reduction changed from 3% to 1%
  • Minimum loss: 2% (With promotion and all blessings)
  • Maximum loss: 8% (Without anything)
  • (This will reduce loss for Free accounts because Promotion will now be Premium Account requirement)
  • Boost changes [Calculation: experience * (stage + bonus)]
  • Global loot booster nerfed from 2 hours to 1 hour
  • Prem to 20% bonus from 10%
  • Guild 5+ online: +10% bonus from 5%
  • Guildd warmode: +20% bonus from 10%
  • We have unlocked Edron Warlocks spawn, visit Eremo and ask him about 'Warlock'. https://midhem.com/edron.php
Minor recent server update changes 2020-12-14
  • corrected auto loot message , say "!autoloot" to add monster gold to your bank account
  • composite hornbow hit % changed from 2% to 5%
  • stonecutter axe +2 shielding
  • added fishing rod start item
Client updated 2020-12-15
  • Walking should be more smooth, report me if you feel it got worse
  • Updated season name in Highscores
  • Removed blue from minimap (We will also upload new minimap around lunch today without blue water on map)
  • Skullcracker armor can now by used by all vocations
  • mystic turban(+1 mlvl) and hat of the mad(+1 mlvl) can only be used by sorcerer and druids
  • On top of the 250€ Razer Gaming Gear reward to Top 1 player. We are today starting a new initiative to distribute points by giving out 25 points per day to the player with the MOST XP the previous day and that player is announced on Discord by serversave. These points are bound to your account and can be used in all future seasons. There will be about 150eur worth of points distributed during this season only! (meaning there will not be a level top 20 points handout)
  • New; You can now purchase exercise wands/spears and swords in Edron North West tower (2500 charges for 80.000)
  • New; Added store item "Infinitive Mango"(25 Midhem Points), it makes you full like a "ham" but does not disappear.
Server update 2020-12-22
  • New; Maximum 3 players can be online at the same time of an account. We will most likely take more ations in the future to limit overflow of multiclients.
  • New; Added rope/shovel with a bag when you die, as those items are mostly essential to recover your items. Remember you cannot loose your weapon from the weapon slot when you die.
  • Fix; Fashion bonuses should now work properly. Also raised the maximum percentage from 7% to 9% because thats the max available outfits for female characters (otherwise male characters would be better).
  • Improved loot of bog raiders, more small emeralds and life ring drops
  • Only Master Sorcerers can use the spell 'exevo gran mas vis' now
  • Update premium global depot weight limit to 10.000oz from 2500oz
  • You can now craft an Assassin stars for 1 small ruby and 1 throwing star.
Server update 2020-12-26
  • New; Added Vengoth Island (travel from Captain John - Tindra for 100 gps) - I will add place to Wiki soon!
  • Added magic long sword to Demodras boss 5% drop chance(1x)
  • Fixed small bug with outfit stone of hunter outfit for female characters
  • Fixed bug with dwarven helmet, please re-equip it.
Server + Client Balance Update 2020-12-29
  • Exhaust: 1 second cooldowns doesn't block 2 second cooldown spells, but you need to wait for 1 second cooldown to finish. PLEASE REVIEW THIS AND MESSAGE ME IF ANY DIFFICULIES :heart:
  • Added an UI progress bar for cooldown below characters health/mana - if multiple players believe this is annoying we will add an option to remove it.
  • Added +20% auto attack damage to 'paladins'.
  • Added new spell 'exevo pox hur' hur to 'druids'.
  • Added new spell 'exori pox' to 'druids'.
  • Added new spell 'exori dist pox' to 'druids'.
  • You can no longer use any runes on battle on players.
  • Fixed a bug where you could move unlimited amount of items from ground to global depot. You can still parcel yourself unlimited amount of stuff though.
  • Added premium outfits to Fashion bonus and raising maximum percentage to 12% Max HP/Mana. Next season Barbarian outfit will not be for premium accounts but for purchase with points.
  • Added +1 shielding to dwarven armor/legs
  • Edited(nerf) loot of grim reapers littlebit
Server + client update 2021-01-02
  • You can now stay wherever you want on Liberty bay ground floor without risking a death from any monster.
  • Knight's exeta res now has larger area.
  • Knight's exori now cost 100 base mana + 10% of max mana (instead of 115 fixed).
  • Ice Rapier is no longer stackable because of a bug making them to sometimes disapear on relog. Apologizes if you lost any.
  • Added light to these items on wear or on ground: ice rapier, fire sword, fire axe, all wands and all rods
  • New fire devil sprite + corpse and boosted its loot/xp
  • New bonebeast sprite + corpse, And many other sprites..
  • Boosted thunder hammer to be better than SCA (Atk 51, shielding +3).
  • Removed shielding bonuses for dwarven set.
  • Wolf tooth chain gives +1% loot rate while wearing.
  • Added Demon Helmet Quest exit teleport and a short access teleport for completed quest.
  • Game & Help chat are now automatically open on login, please be helpful for the newcomers
Server update 2021-01-05
  • Potions exhaust changed. This should make the gameplay much more smooth. The mana/health potions exhausts are now running on a parallel condition meaning you can do all kind of actions during using potions, such as..
  • * Attack monsters and drink potions at the same time
  • * Cast spells
  • * Looting and moving items
  • Added missing Liberty Bay and Edron Temple NPCs
Server + client + website update 2020-01-12
  • New area 'Isle of Demons' connected to Goroma, please view https://midhem.com/libertybay.php for more information
  • New spawn catacombs (20 000 gold to enter)
  • Fixed bugged grass to sea borders on all Goroma islands
  • Added about 30 more rock locations around the map
  • New and updated monsters!
  • Added new monster Hellhound (New task! 600 kills reward is master archers armor)
  • Added new monster Hellspawn (New task! 600 kills reward is yalahari mask)
  • Added new monster Dark Torturer (New task! 600 kills reward is terra mantle)
  • Added new monster Destroyer (New task! 600 kills reward is master archers legs)
  • Added new monster Frost Giant[Juggernaut copy] (New task! 600 kills reward is Dwarven armor)
  • Fixed a bug where 'enlightened of the cult' would not count as a task kill
  • Raised lich XP gain by 30% because they are crazy.
  • Nerfed chance to loot demon boots from 2k+ demon task kills but boosted Assassin stars lootrate
  • Raise the loot chance of focus cape by 100% from Pirate Ghost
  • Raise the loot chance of focus cape by 50% from Wyrms
  • Raise the loot chance of peg leg,hook,eye patch by 150% from Pirate Buccaneer
  • Raise the loot chance of black pearl by 50% from Banshees
  • Added loot black pearl to Black Knight, Banshee & Dworc Fleshhunter
  • Added loot small amethyst to Wyrm
  • New craftable item 'warrior amulet' (2MP/8HP per 4 seconds, +4 distance skill, +4 melee)
  • New craftable item 'mage amulet' (8MP/2HP per 4 seconds, +3 magic)
  • New craftable item titan helmet (Arm 5, Speed +10, PvP damage +10%)
  • New craftable item titan titan armor (Arm 5, Speed +10, PvP damage +10%
  • New craftable item titan legs (Arm 5, Speed +10, PvP damage +10%)
  • New craftable item titan boots (Speed +20, PvP damage +10%)
  • New item 'divine plate' lootable from Hellhound (rashid 55k)
  • New item 'ruthless axe' lootable from hellhound (rashid 55k)
  • New item 'master archers armor' from hellhound task (Arm 15, +3 distance fighting)
  • New item 'master archers leg piece' from dark torturers task (Arm 8, Energy 5%, distance +1)
  • New item 'terra mantle' (arm 15, earth +8%, fire -8%)
  • New item 'yalahari mask' (arm 5, magic level +2)
  • New druid spell 'adori vita pox', equlas to a sudden death rune but with earth type damage.
  • Exori vis has an updated animation
  • Fixed a bugged poison effect that was extremely slow (such as this from Hydra)
  • Weed now lasts 30 minutes instead of 20 minutes
  • Fixed activation of warmode would not work if you changed the rank name
Server + client + website update 2021-01-31
  • - Buffed explosion's max damage by 20%
  • - Moved one POI entrance lever because it was not visible for the eye
  • - Added quest animations to PoI lever positions, normally you see those on pick spots.
  • - Reduced magic beans conjure rate by ~30% for higher magic levels
  • - Infinitive mango renamed to Magic Mango
  • Added in-game Highscore player online/offline status, and you can click the character row to open a channel with them (easier flow for looking for partner because we wish to call on players to teamhunt).
  • - New quest! Level 70+ on Tindra east mountain (see website)
  • - New Gargoyle sprite
  • - New cute Rabbit sprite
  • - Changed task messages
  • - Added option to bookmark your task
  • - 2000+ kills does no longer disapear from the window even though there are no more rewards to keep track of your total kills
  • - Added message to "The Old Widow" raid
  • - Decreased Orshabaal spawn time from 2 months to 1 month (old widow/ferumbras already once every 1 month)
  • - Added new raid "Cormaya Dwarf Attack", and low level boss "son of Turin", dropping some interesting things.
  • - Added new raid "Edron Necropharus" way to Grim Reapers, no message.
  • - Removed few more raids...
  • - Added top characters right sidebar and reorganized alot.
  • - Added new quest to wiki.
  • - Prettified serverinfo page
  • - Improved alot of the webdesign, you'll just have to check it out. (you might have to clear cache in applications-tab)

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