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This season was active between April 10th, 2021 and August 1st, 2021.

There was 2405 characters created during this time.

Top 20 Players by Achievement points

# Name Achievement points Prize
1 Smokiie 531 Discord Nitro 1 year, 3 season tokens, 500 points
2 Domedagen 486 2 season tokens, 250 points
3 Skrzat 445 1 season token, 100 points
4 Alwick 384 1 season token, 100 points
5 Fluid Templar 381 1 season token, 100 points
6 Titan 360 1 season token, 100 points
7 Kallekuk 293 1 season token, 100 points
8 Koreinha Taca Palito 291 1 season token, 100 points
9 Seyton 252 1 season token, 100 points
10 Kenneth 251 1 season token, 100 points
11 Leon 249 1 season token, 100 points
12 Fogoso 245 1 season token, 100 points
13 Azox 232 1 season token, 100 points
14 Zwelok 229 1 season token, 100 points
15 Makz 225 1 season token, 100 points
16 Brickwall 217 1 season token, 100 points
17 Warcislaw 216 1 season token, 100 points
18 Hatake Kakashi 215 1 season token, 100 points
19 Kom 212 1 season token, 100 points
20 Rpc 209 1 season token, 100 points


  • HP/Mana effects for regenerations/runes/sio, all types of healings!
  • There will be about 8 new outfits for Season 7!
  • Paladins; New beginner spear, with 0% breakchance, and we turned back normal spears and small stones to have 2% breakchance
  • Premium status accounts has health/mana regeneration in all zones(houses, depots too), Free accounts everywhere except protection PvP zones - FACC's can still stay in Liberty Bay to conjure runes but with no magic level gain. You cannot conjure runes in the training areas.
  • Perhaps you remember we improved Mana potion mana gain, but did not raise the price. On season 7 we will raise the price from 50 to 80 gps...
  • All potion/rune NPCs now sells magic wall runes for 250 gps each
  • All potion/rune NPCs now sells life rings for 900 gps each
  • As you know if you've been playing Midhem before Grim Reapers has been a hot topic because of its large advantage of XP/h gain at its spawns compared to other spawns which it the only spawn people hunted at. Therefore we are taking the actions listed below
  • Reduced Grim reapers XP by 20% (now 4400 base instead of 5500). HP remains the same: 3900
  • Grim reapers 600 task reward changed to 'heavy mace'(49/15 two-handed) - sellable to rashid for 50k
  • Added other monsters, modified spawn times and removed few grim reapers from spawns

  • Removed random landing on ghostship(from Venore to Darashia) - moved plate armor quest to Darashia north east wasp tower.
  • All equipment merchant NPCs will trade the same items with equal prices, no more complicated NPC-market prices and running around to different towns! Less thinking, more doing!
  • :moneybag: We also increased the worth of many loot-bag items.
  • ..and removed start-items and from trade window and many other purchasable items because you should hunt for your gear in the beginning!
  • You will now start with magic beans instead of brown mushrooms. Added spell-name description 'exevo pan' for magic beans.
Server update 2021-04-08
  • New spell 'exori'[115 mana] - formula based on your level, skill and attack damage
  • New spell 'exori gran'[250 mana] - formula based on your level, skill and attack damage
  • New spell 'exori max'[80% mana] (old exori but with fire damage) - formula based on your level
  • New health recovery spells 'utura'[40 mana], 'utura gran'[80 mana] and can be used by all vocations but only one at a time.
  • Support spells now do purple effects
  • Healing spells now do green effects
  • :baggage_claim: You are not loosing your backpack or gear until level 21.
  • :up: New outfit available in store 'Shaman'.
Server + client update 2021-04-11
  • Selling all type of backpacks now, green, yellow, red, purple, blue, grey, golden, camo backpacks
  • You are not gaining any magic level skill inside protectionzone.
  • New spell 'adori letter' - conjure a letter for 100 mana
  • Reduced manacost of summoning monsters(now the manacost is the same as the monsters health)
  • -added hunting spear, throwing stars to ammunition NPCs
Server + client update 2021-04-15
  • Party channel is automatically open'd when you joining a party.
  • Loot messages goes into your party-channel if you are in one, otherwise it goes to "Server Log".
  • -utura and utura gran will now be affected by bot activation (20% less health gained per tick when bot is enabled).
  • -you can gain 7 days premium scroll from daily reward (may be removed after sometime).
  • -Fixed wrong weights for some light wands.
  • -Summons now has the same speed as you. Summons are very good on Midhem - they do not steal your XP, they keep up to your phase and cost the same amount of mana to summon as their HP.
  • -Utevo res now require magic level 24 (from 16).
  • -Lowered spell damage of Fire Elementals
  • -Added 100 more health to Grim Reapers (now 4000).
  • -Orc Berserkers no longer immune to the earth element.
  • -Added clerical mace to city equipment buyer, 170 gps.
  • -Added spear/hunting spear/throwing star to all ammunition merchant.
  • -Backpacks costs 20 gps everywhere, before 10 gps at few places.
  • -Fixed some NPCs selling wrong town color backpacks.
  • -Rashid selling all types of colored backpacks.
  • -Bog raiders 600 task giving 7 days premium scroll fixed, it was giving warrior amulet when it wasnt supposed to.
  • -New spell; exevo gran pan costs 100 mana and requires magic level 7.
  • -exevo pan is not counted as a conjure spell anymore.
Server + client update 2021-04-16
  • utura and utura gran has 1 second cooldown (from 2 seconds)
  • lowered loot message highlight from item worth >5000 to >= 2000 gold
  • New help-channel command !rashid to show his current location.
Server + client update 2021-04-20
  • -New! Improved actionbar, new empty icon and now you can click and assign a learned spell of your character.
  • -Vampires can drop up to 3 black pearls.
  • -Fixed Sam missing his old backpack quest.
  • -Hailstorm rod has been renamed to tempest rod.
  • -New crystal ring sprite.
  • -Added desert quest to quest log.
  • -New help-channel command !rashid to show his current location.
  • -You can no longer buy ice rapier from Djinn NPC Alesar.
  • -berserk and fierce berserk now takes a charge of ice rapier.
Server + client update 2021-04-24
  • 40% reduced damage with Hotkey is now only for PvP (also changed from 30% reduced damage).
  • Added NPC price description to 50+ items on look.
  • Path to and from deeper banuta reworked, added protection zone and mailbox to the spawn.
  • You need 600+ ape kills to be able to enter deeper banuta, no need to do other quest to enter.
  • Added club ring to crafting [2 small rubies & 2 small ametysts]
  • Added enchanted spear, gold nugget and more items to market.
  • Fixed magic mango was not sellable on market.
  • Fixed death ring onEquip/onDeequip error
  • Fixed bug since last update 'Set hotkey' on action bar
  • Fixed bug minimarkers not saving
  • Removed "Cache Map" option in client settings, disabled by default now.
  • You can now make power bolts without being a royal paladin.
Server + client update 2021-04-16
  • Regeneration Zone changes
  • In houses you do regenerate mana/health but you do not train magic level
  • In depot you don't regenerate mana/health but you do train magic level (like previous seasons)
  • Druid changes
  • +60% experience bonus for having a druid in your party (instead of 20%)
  • exevo gran mas pox now do 4 ticks(100,75,50,25) instead of 12(45,40,35,30,20,10,7,5,4,3,2,1) for a cost of 600 mana
  • New spell: Buff Party 'utura mas' 5x5SQM - heals HP over time(+60 every 2 seconds) for all affected party members, 10% melee and 10% shielding bonus for knights, 10% distance skill bonus for paladins, +3 magic levels for mages (duration: 2 minutes)
Server + client update 2021-04-29
  • -Added onyx arrows to ammunition NPCs (7 gold each)
  • -You need 600 djinns or 600 stone golem kills to use deeper banuta shortcut. (added stone golems)
  • -You need to kill 300+ of Apes or 300+ Fire Entities task to enter Goroma's Isle of Demons. (Added fire entities)
  • -When you reach level 21 you will get a message that you no longer are protected against item-drop on death.
  • -Added 13 more farms because they were all taken (there are now 41 farms in total).
  • -You also need x50 northern pike for crafting Titan Legs. You can fetch these by having fishing 25+.
  • -Advertising channel is now automatically open'd on login
  • -Global loot boost now does +100% global and another +100% personal loot boost for the user.
  • -Added many more items worth onLook and changed copy from "NPC buy price" to "Value".
  • -Fixed landing on upper stair-tile from Cormaya to Edron.
  • -Game world saved message are now outputted in Server Log instead of Default channel
  • Boosted promoted spells
  • Royal: "Playername" is very far to the west (473 SQM away).
  • Elder: Larger 'exura gran mas res' spell
  • Master: Larger 'exevo gran mas vis' spell
  • Elite: Larger 'exeta res' spell
Server update 2021-04-29
  • -General Murius can spawn in Tindra minotaurs aswell as in Kazordoon
  • -Improved loots of general murius and the horned fox
  • -Added 7 more farms to Liberty Bay
Server + client Patch 2021-05-11
  • -NEW! Offline messages, messages sent to an offline player will receive the messages when logged in
  • -NEW! Reworked boat that goes between Carlin > Vengoth > Tindra > Mysteryland and then back to Carlin again. This boat leaves every 15 seconds with everything and everyone one on it. No NPC.
  • -XP: We removed 25% experience reduction in non-PvP zones. We felt that the spawns are limited enough giving it disadvantages anyway.
  • -XP: Sasquatch experience gained raised to 850 (from 760).
  • -COOLDOWN: You will only see your own progressbar on the game window (the one below you manabar).
  • -Frost dragon now drops dragon slayer (item also sellable to rashid for 15.000 gold)
  • -Added new quest level 70+ to Libert Bay Lich hell (take canoe to east) with divine plate as a reward(55k rashid value)
  • -Added blue legs sellable to nah'bob (blue djinn)
  • -Added missing NPC Uzgod
  • -Titan legs now requires blueberries and not blueberry seeds
  • -Disabled "North Road Outlaws"-raid
  • -Added worm to all NPCs selling fishing rods, you have a larger chance catching a fish with a worm.
  • -New sprite for protection amulet
  • -Added skull backpack, blessing stone and vocation scroll to market (Added 25+ missing items to market)
  • -Reduced physical protection of skullcracker armor to 3% and removed damage taken increaced by earth (from -3% to 0%)
  • -Client auto-equipper is set to 900ms "think-time", to make it more less relevant for PVP but still good to use on PVM (I want to remind that there is a 0.1 second delay between all actions so its highly possible it can fail to equip and will need another 900ms for next try)
  • Added the last 2 missing outfits for female. Now there are as many female as male outfits available
  • New quest/dungeon The Inquisition
  • -The Inquisition is located in Liberty Bay (canoe lb east) and is no-pvp quest.
  • -8 seals, first seal you are required to be level 80, but you probably need a team. For other dungeons it increments by 20 levels per seal excepts the last [80,100,120,140,160,180,200 and 200].
  • -To enter a seal you need to have been part of killing the previous seals boss.
  • -INQ creatures drops no loot, has x5 base experience, HP is set to x3, they do not run on low health.
  • -Each boss drops much valueables, rare and very rare items and decent experience(equal to its health)
  • -First boss has 30k health and increments by 10k for each next boss
  • Boss changes
  • -Loot is shared automatically between all damage dealers
  • -No loot bonuses plays role on boss drop anymore, its a fixed droprate.
  • -All bosses in-game are now weak to the earth element by 20%
Server + client update 2021-05-17
  • -You may only purchase and own 1 farm per account
  • -Fixed few missing No-PVP tiles in Inquisition dungeons
  • -Removed armor of mystic turban, now it only gives +1 magic level
  • -Crypto currency donations of $100 points gives 1200 + 1 season token.
  • -Added sellable item thaian sword to nah'bob
  • -Added beastslayer axe to rashid's
  • -Grim reapers HP changed back to 3900 (was raised by 100 for short while but because its spawn is heavily nerfed this is no longer needed)
  • New! House store items
  • -Added many new house items, depot, mailbox, furniture, decorations, storages - check depot for whats available.
  • -Removed all beds from all houses.
  • -Beds will come in the next updates, beds will be a store item and either restore health/mana or you can go to a "premium"-training area.
Server + client update 2021-06-07
  • -New! Vocation scroll between all vocations. Skills tries and magic level moves other to your new character, also some convertation is happening for mages going RP/EK. Free promotion included. Shop item now costs 200 points.
  • -New! First version of the Wiki added to the game. Plan is to remove missinformation from the website and start adding more and more stuff to the Wiki eventually. But we start now with Monsters and Items.
  • -Worked alot of monsters drop, added and moving alot of stuff.
Troll Shaman

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