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Wiki / Vocations

rod Druid

  • Party team support, ranged rod combat
  • Vocation bonus: 10% damage reduction PvP/PvM
  • Party bonus: 20% healing rate runes and spells, +30% experience

sudden death rune Sorcerer

  • High damage per second, ranged wand combat
  • Vocation bonus: 10% rune damage
  • Party bonus: +10% crit chance, +10% experience

Dragon Shield Knight

  • Tank, melee combat
  • Vocation bonus: +20% weaponary melee damage and +10% bonus damage with attackspells using two handed weapons
  • Party bonus: 10% damage reduction PvM, +20% experience

bow Paladin

  • High single target damage, good in PvP, ranged with ammunition
  • Vocation bonus: 10% base speed bonus, 20% weaponary distance damage
  • Party bonus: 10% PvP damage, +10% experience


Promotion can be bought in Ankrahmun, Thais, Carlin or Edron(Tower south of depot above the gate) for 20.000 gold.

You need premium account to buy promotion.

Boat is free until promoted.

Promotion benefits

  • Elite Knight: Challenge[exeta res] cast a larger area 2x2 circle (compared to 1x1 square)
  • Master Sorcerer: Ultimate explosion[exevo gran mas flam] cast a larger area 5x5 circle (compared to 2x2 circle)
  • Elder Druid: Mass healing[exura gran mas res] cast a larger area 3x3 circle (compared to 2x2 circle)
  • Royal Paladin: Find Person[exiva] also shares the distance in SQM to the person
  • Faster regeneration

Regeneration (1x rate)

Perma has x2 regeneration, meaning you double the amounts in the table below
Vocation Health Mana
Sorcerer/Druid 1 / 12s 2 / 3s
Paladin 1 / 8s 2 / 4s
Knight 1 / 6s 2 / 6s
Master/Elder 1 / 12s 2 / 2s
Royal Paladin 1 / 6s 2 / 3s
Elite Knight 1 / 4s 2 / 6s


Leeching health and mana is a permanent bonus exclusive to Tempra that splits the value between the number of targeted creatures. However, leeching is disabled for summons and training dummies.

Vocation Health Mana
Sorcerer/Druid 8% 8%
Paladin 8% 8%
Knight 8% 8%
Master/Elder 12% 12%
Royal Paladin 12% 12%
Elite Knight 12% 12%


Vocation Defence Balanced Attack
Sorcerer/Druid +5% Potions Buff +10% Potions Buff +20% Wand/Rod damage
Paladin +30% rune healing +20% rune healing 100% Max Hit chance
Knight +20% rune healing +10% rune healing +10% spell damage
Hellfire Figther

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