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You can create items by crafting for a cost of specified required items.

You can find blacksmiths in Liberty Bay or Tindra, at the pink spots located on the image above. Tindra blacksmith is located -2 below depot.

Item to craft Item requirements
assassin star
  • 1x small ruby
  • 1x throwing star
amulet of loss
  • 150x explosion runes
  • 5x amethyst ores
purple light wand
  • 1x amethyst ore
green light wand
  • 2x amethyst ores
  • 2x small emeralds
red light wand
  • 10x amethyst ores
  • 10x small rubys
blue light wand
  • 25x amethyst ores
  • 25x small sapphires
scarab coin
  • 1x talon
  • 1x small diamond
death ring
  • 1x amethyst ores
  • 20x sudden death runes
life ring
  • life crystal
enchanted spear
  • 1x spear
  • 2x small emeralds


  • Global XP Boost: False
  • Global Loot Boost: False
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