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There are totally 4 types of rocks, but you can only mine 3 of them (2,3,4) using a pick. Every 10 minutes there is a 1% chance the rock is upgraded to next in line (Large crystal rocks transforms into gangue rock). The state of the rock is saved even after the daily serversave. How you find the rocks, is up to you but they are only available in new areas such as Liberty Bay, Svargrond(Tindra) and Erdon. Usually around rocky mountains or caves. Rocks can also be found near Boss spawns.

  1. Gangue rock, you cannot mine this but you if you see one you will know it can transform into a valueable rock
  2. small crystal rock (transforms into a medium crystal rock)
  3. medium crystal rock (transforms into a medium large rock)
  4. large crystal rock (transforms into a gangue rock)
Rock Reward Breakchance

small crystal rock

  • 2x talons
  • 5x platinum coins
  • 5x explosion runes
  • 2x amethyst ore
  • 50 experience per level

medium crystal rock

  • 5x talons
  • 25x platinum coins
  • 25x explosion runes
  • 5x amethyst ore
  • 75 experience per level

large crystal rock

  • 10x talons
  • 1x crystal coins
  • 50x explosion runes
  • 10x amethyst ore
  • 1x gold nugget
  • 100 experience per level
  • May contain more reward items not listed in the table.


  • The breakchance happens after the item is yield. That way you will always have minimum 1 reward.
  • Related link: crafting
  • Global XP Boost: False
  • Global Loot Boost: False
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