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Authod: Mursh


Druid - Supportive class with a number of offensive spells. Druids can cast energy wave and do energy UE to be efficient when solo hunting, not depending on having to be in a team. They can conjure Pox SD's that is useful on monsters such as frost dragons, warlocks. Offers a 10% damage reduction to monsters as a passive vocation bonus.

Sorcerer -The strongest class when it comes to damage. Squishy, but can deal extreme amounts of dmg. Offers 10% more rune damage as a passive vocation bonus. In Midhem the sorcerer have a physical, fire and energy UE depending on the weaknesses of the monsters you are hunting.

Paladin - Single target dps. Pshyical mas san. Can conjure crystalline arrows and infernal bolts. Relies on hunting with SDs. Mas san damage is not efficient at higher levels. Offers a 10%base speed increase and 20% higher damage using distance weapons.

Knights - Tank. Very good damage above level 200 with the new spell exori max. Offers 20% higher weapon damage using 2-handed weapons. Stances Offensive/Balanced/Defensive offers 20%spell dmg/10%spell dmg+10% healing/20% healing.

Starting out:

Depending on your class you should spend a few hours in the trainer room before going hunting. Trainers can be found in every depot of the server. A statue looking like a traning dummy. Once ready to hunt check out the map: map.php - here you will find basic information about hunting locations that will get you started. The client has a built in bot that is useful for afk training and making runes - You can also make runes in your house (without gaining mlvl). Most of your questions can be answered looking at the wiki page: wiki.php Any questions you have can also be asked directly in Help channel or to GMs or ingame to me, The Bird and Magic Beanstalk.

Hunger System:

In order to regenerate, gain magic level and skills you need to eat food. Once your hunger timer reaches 0, you will not gain any skill, mlvl or mana.


A new feature that was implemented this season. Based on how many achievement points you have (you gain these by leveling, finishing certain quests and from task kills). You cannot change after you choose (a reset stone in store for 25pts). You can choose all paths in Lore, but only one of the options in Stage 2-3-4. You need to have the previous stage of the path to pick the next. Achievement page info: achievement-details.php


Unqiue to Midhem is a built in tasking system that rewards after a certain amount of kills. You can read more about that here: tasks.php and find tasks suited for your vocation in terms of items. Equipment are bound to the players, once picking them up only the person who picked it up can equip it. Reccommended starting tasks depends on vocation. For knights goblins are good, 600 kills gives war hammer. Wyverns give composite hornbow for paladins. Mages focus often tends to be getting levels up so they can start GFB in crowded spawns such as Tombs.

Midhem offers a number of unique features. Once gained 100 achievement points you can rent a Farm - there you can grow Weed which will increase your experience by 30% for 20 minutes. A custom Pits of Inferno with 6 seals of varying difficulty at level 80. The Inquisition quest offers 8 different seals depending on level and achievement points going from 80/110 to 200/300. You can read more about it here: dungeons.php

Daily Quests:

Rashid offers a daily quest. Read about it here Dailies.php


Can be used from the Deluxe bed (50pt store item) to transport you to VIP Trainers (Here you can conjure runes/ammo), Farm, Temple, and the waypoints you have unlocked. Read about it here: waypoints.php

Seasonal tokens:

Offers a unique outfit that gives varying bonuses. Some gives 4% critical chance, some offers leech. Read about them here: seasontoken.php


There are several quests in Midhem both from real map and some made custom. Read about them here: quests.php


All outfits offers a 1% hp/mana bonus. Read about them here: outfits.php

Hunting preys:

Works the same way as RL tibia. In Midhem you can have 3x of the same prey monster, but only one bonus. For instance you can have 20% damage bonus, 20% damage reduction and 40% experience bonus (Max amounts). Read about it here and the stages of unlocking stronger monster preys: prey.

Mining system:

With a pick you can mine different rocks. Read about it here: mining.php


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