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  • Creature of the day: Warlock


A tournament is a duration for a season, it has different configuration every time. There will be different rewards every season.

Season VII [FEAST]

  • Starts: April 10th, 2021

  • Ends: Season will be online until the (unique)Daily Online Activity goes blow 10 players or that a democratic poll is held with majority votes
    (minimum 4 months). We are not interested in hosting and maintaining empty servers, thats is why this rule exists.

  • πŸ† Daily Prize; 25 Midhem Points daily for the best powergaming player (most XP/day)
  • πŸ† Monthly Prize; Every month 5 players sorted by achievement points gets 1 season token each


  • Starts: Feb 20th, 2021

  • Ended: March 20th, 2021

    (4 weeks)
Win conditions
  • πŸ† Top 1st; Win πŸ’°$300 worth of Bitcoins.
  • πŸ† Top 2nd; Win πŸ’°$100 worth of Bitcoins.
  • πŸ† Top 3rd; Discord Nitro 1 year code (worth $99.99)
  • πŸ† Top 20 players by level; 1 season token
  • πŸ† Win 25 Midhem Points point daily for one active player

Player with the most Achievements points wins.

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Season V [RagnarΓΆk]

  • Started: December 11th, 2020

  • Ended: February 11th, 2021

    (8 weeks)
Win conditions
  • πŸ† Top 1st; Win 250€ Razer Gaming Gear - Buy products from Razer at MaxGaming.com (https://www.maxgaming.com/en/razer), we pay shipping.
  • πŸ† New; Top 1st & 2nd; Wins Discord Nitro 1 year code (worth $99.99 each)
  • πŸ† Win 25 Midhem Points point every day for one active player (About 150€ worth of Midhem Points this season)
  • πŸ† Top 20 players; Wins an unique Outfit for next seasons [+1% HP/Mana]

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Link: Season IV [Harvest]

  • Started: August 29th, 2020

  • Ended: December 5th, 2020

    (3 months)

Personal comment: Looking thought this seasons changelog makes me proud on how much we've achieved, together. All feedback and playtime matters to bring Midhem forward. As for next season we want to mix things up alitlebit, taking inspiration of RuneScacpe Twisted League, similar to how we done it before but this time a shorter season with different XP and more endgoals. Thank you everyone and hopefully we'll see eachover December 11th. // Sajgon

Link: Season III [Norse Gods]

Started: May 2, 2020
Ended: Aug 24th, 2020

Personal comment: We made another season with alot of special moment during strange times like these. I am proud that there has been players since the first era has been with us and following us along with desire. We made many misstakes because I was feeling experimental and taking risks when the playerbase was low. We implemented a cavebot that was for many likeable but some players disliked and refused to take part because of this. We decided to archive the cavebot, targeting and looting next season and focus on rune conjuring and implementing training rooms to AFK train in a protected area. See you ingame.. // Sajgon

Link: Season II [Dawnborn]

Started: January 31, 2020
Ended: April 26, 2020

Personal comment: Thank you all for the faith in this project, all the feedback and motivation. We will be back with another season ready to make a mess and learn from it. // Sajgon

Link: Season I [Sunrise]

Started: 2019-11-01

Personal comment: Amazing dedication to the first open initiative of Midhem Online, 20€ of points has been added to your account history and will be available for all future of Midhem. // Sajgon


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